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Food Categories

Top 10 Items for Vegetables
Carrots, fresh, Baby, ready-to-use
Broccoli, frozen, cut or chopped
Lettuce, romaine, fresh, untrimmed
Broccoli, fresh, florets, trimmed, ready-to-use
Lettuce, fresh, Salad mix (mostly iceberg, some romaine with shredded carrot and red cabbage)
Beans, Green, canned, cut, includes USDA Foods
Celery, fresh, sticks, ready-to-use (1/2-inch by 4-inch)
Corn, canned, whole kernel, liquid pack, includes USDA Foods
Carrots, frozen, sliced, includes USDA Foods
Carrots, fresh, sticks, ready-to-use (1/2-inch by 4-inch)